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About Amartus

Amartus is a leading supplier of high-caliber expert services for the IT & communications market 


Amartus was founded in 2003 in Dublin, Ireland, by a team of experienced domain specialists sharing expert knowledge, solid telecom background and dedication to deliver. They resolved to seek and implement innovative IT & communications solutions and drive network transformation. Throughout the years, the team has considerably expanded to accommodate Network Engineers, Senior Developers, Solution Architects, Test Automation Engineers and QAs. Amartus has opened its offices in Poland and US, and we are still growing…

Key People:  Our Management Team | Our Board & Investors


In Amartus, we provide the people, processes and platforms that enable our customers to surpass the competition in the demanding, ever-changing IT market. We recognise the fundamental shift that is taking place in the telecommunications industry and the need for automation to deliver richer services in compressed timeframes with lower budgets.

Amartus is strongly committed to drive innovation and develop solutions that are well-suited not only for the current, traditional infrastructure, but that can be easily integrated with the incoming, revolutionary NFV, SDN and Cloud networks. With the rapid pace of change in services, technologies and standards in the market place, a new breed of service delivery automation software is needed, one that can quickly adapt to change as a core requirement. We designed our solutions specifically to address this core need.

As a proponent of change and innovation, the company is an active participant / member of the leading industry standard bodies, ETSI, TM Forum and MEF. 

Our Customers seek diverse, high-quality expertise to foster Cloud & networking innovation and quickly resolve their integration issues. Industry know-how and expert knowledge provided by Amartus empower them to future-proof their solutions and capitalize on the latest technological advancements.

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