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Network Inventory Solution

The Client: A large EMEA Utility/Service Provider 

The Challenge

The client had multiple sites spread across a wide geographic area, each with its own set of independent EMS/NMS systems. The client required a comprehensive database of its resources that could be used to provide a consolidated view to other OSS applications. To ensure that this consolidated view remained in sync with the network, the client required the ability to schedule automatic updates from the remote systems, but they also required the ability to augment the discovered data manually - both through a GUI form and through bulk operations via an API.

The Solution

Integrating 8 distinct types of management systems spread across four different locations was a job perfectly suited to the integration capabilities of the framework we developed. Defining a common resource model also meant that the platform we had built provided us with the GUI (including forms), APIs (including allowing modifications) and database, all for free. We were able to integrate all 8 management systems using just 3 adapter types from our library, with the reassurance that further extensions can be achieved quickly & easily with the hot-deploy of new adapters, mediation, models and even business components.

The Benefits

The senior team at Amartus has been developing Carrier Class software solution for leading Network Solution providers for over 15 years and were able to quickly add tangible ROI value.

Our strengths:

  • The platform's adapter framework and library of pre-built adapters meant that we could integrate all 8 NMSs in a matter of weeks
  • The GUI and forms to augment individual records and the API for bulk changes could be generated from the model - and kept in sync with the model if it changed
  • The dynamic model and plug-in architecture for extensions gave the client strong reassurance that the system would grow with them as their network expanded and evolved

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