Leading providers reinforce the urgency of adoption of standardized APIs to create global interconnected networks and clouds

We recently participated in two major telecom wholesale conferences: Capacity Europe in London and MEF LSO Partners Conference in Miami where the pressing need for automation and standardization was center stage. Even though these conferences are different in nature,...

Meet Amartus at MEF LSO Partner Conference Americas

Amartus is sponsoring MEF LSO Partner Conference Americas on October 26 in Miami. We invite you to meet our team during the event and learn how we support leading providers and vendors with their MEF LSO inter-provider API implementations. Learn how to: accelerate...

Meet Amartus at Capacity Europe in London

MEF standardized APIs and processes for buying and selling services are taking the telecom industry by storm. Amartus is at the epicentre of the current industry transformation supporting leading Tier 1-3 providers to standardize and automate negotiation of products...

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Mocking the Open API Specifications

Mocking the Open API Specifications

  by Bartosz Machalik, Principal Architect at Amartus OpenAPI mocking tools are great for creating a simple mock server to simulate the behavior of a real API for development or testing purposes. The tools offer out-of-the-box support for OpenAPI Specifications...

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My Automation Will Go On! Exploring the LSO API Celine Release

My Automation Will Go On! Exploring the LSO API Celine Release

  by Michał Łączyński, Solution Archtect at Amartus. The post was first published on MEF’s EdgeView Blog In January 2022, MEF released the latest LSO API framework, Celine. This release provides significant additional value and supporting materials over previous...

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