2020 ICT Predictions: More Network Agility, Comprehensive ICT Services

Feb 19, 2020 | Blog, Inter-provider, MEF

It’s the start of the new year and we asked around the office what our customers are telling us about the trends in telecom services we can look forward to in 2020. The first response is from Konrad Herba, Product Manager, who said:

In 2020 we will observe drastic increase in the inter-carrier API adoption resulting in networks ‘cloudification’.

The MEF is developing these APIs through its Lifecycle Services Orchestration (LSO) programs. In 2019, they moved from the lab to carrier trials and are now being deployed in labs across the globe. These trials are the next step to making this prediction come true.

The degree of automation of the inter-carrier network services will rapidly grow. It will also cover billing and settlement innovations, leveraging Blockchain technology.

Blockchain seems to be the technology to making this prediction come true. Certainly, there are a lot of challenges that have to be overcome for this automation to increase, but using Blockchain to deliver a settled contract that both parties can review and audit might be essential.

All those efforts will result in achieving full quote-to-cash automation for long-range and agile network services engaging multiple partners. It will allow the industry to meet growing customer expectations and put the industry in a good position to meet very harsh requirements for future, more complex services covering 5G and cloud domains.

It’s the promise of automating the inter-partner systems, needed to establish a quote-to-cash solution that is driving the development of our nBraceTM software product. With nBraceTM, service providers can easily provide a billing infrastructure for global on-demand ICT services. These services can be complex involving multiple network, cloud and application providers each offering one or more connectivity services (network, including slicing), cloud services (public or private, compute and storage) or value added services (firewall, NAT etc.). nBrace delivers the automated inter-provider connectivity capability to make this easy.

The telco move from pure connectivity to providing a comprehensive one stop, end to end global suite of ICT solutions and services, including consultancy, strategy planning, solutions deployment and managed services.

This last prediction from Simon Altman, VP of Business Development, is the vision of the operator’s network. The enablement of inter-carrier connectivity providing  global, on-demand  ICT services  needed in our ever more connected world. To meet this demand, operators need to buy and sell services from each other and to that reason Amartus is investing in the development of nBrace to help operators fulfill these needs.

These are some predictions from some of the top minds at Amartus. We are already hard at work at fulfilling these ambitions and expect to have more updates as the new year continues.