Accelerating your Inter-Provider Automation adoption journey

Seamlessly negotiate network and cloud services with other providers in near/real-time using industry-standard APIs 

Regardless of whether you choose to build the solution yourself or use our pre-built one, we can support you at each stage of your journey, saving you significant amounts of time & money.

 Faster customer response times & time to revenue

 Plug & play interoperability with customers & suppliers

 Join the growing global federation of automated providers


Evaluate business, operational and technical aspects of implementing Inter-Provider Automation. We apply our deep industry insights and experience gained working with leading providers to support you as you develop your business case.

  • Build your knowledge of the business & operational benefits of Inter-Provider Automation
  • Develop your specific value adoption plan and ROI with the support from our experts
  • Leverage our experience to get support for planning & estimation for the implementation & testing phase

Analysis & Design

Once you make a decision to move forward, analysis & design is required to identify what’s needed to automate. We can support you with our industry standards (MEF LSO Sonata, TM Forum Open APIs) knowledge and proven solution expertise to define & design a solution tailored to your individual needs


    • Familiarize yourself with MEF LSO Sonata using our Inter-op buyer & seller emulators
    • Define your requirements: roles (buyer, seller, both), functions, products, etc
    • Undertake mapping & gap analysis between the functions you wish to provide standardized automation for and the available backend data models & APIs


  • Detailed design including B-OSS adaptation & integration
  • Evaluate solution options including in-house/bespoke development and off-the-shelf
  • Implementation planning, to meet short & long-term goals

Implementation & Testing

Whether you choose bespoke development, an off-the shelf solution or a hybrid we can support you with skilled expertise to implement & test your solution


  • Flexible engagement model to fully implement the solution or work alongside your own team
  • Implement by engaging our experts for bespoke development or by using our off-the-shelf nBrace™ Inter-Provider Automation solution
  • New release/function/products & maintenance support 


  • Define test specifications & plans, leveraging our in-depth experience
  • QA & acceptance testing services for a partner inter-op-ready implementation
  • Partner inter-op compliance with our standardized MEF LSO Sonata inter-op reference implementation emulators

Partner Onboarding & InterOp

The goal of inter-provider automation is the ability to trade services with 100’s of customers & suppliers in near/real-time. For this, you need fast, efficient onboarding & interop testing. Amartus offers an advanced MEF LSO Sonata inter-op test services & solutions that minimizes the time & effort involved.

Partner Onboarding & Interoperability

  • Define partner inter-op test specification & plan, leveraging our in-depth knowledge & expertise of the standards
  • Inter-op testing service to support partner inter-op
  • Advanced MEF LSO Sonata Inter-op test emulators for efficient, predictable & scalable Inter-op testing