ADVA and Amartus Demo Automated Service Lifecycle Management

Apr 10, 2018 | News and articles

PoC built on ADVA Pro-Vision opens the door to streamlined operations and accelerated service activation


Paris, France. April 10, 2018. ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced a joint demo with Amartus that reveals how service providers can reduce service activation and modification times from weeks to minutes. Showcasing the value of MEF’s Presto network resources provisioning (NRP) interface, the proof of concept (PoC) uses programmable interfaces for the automation of lifecycle service orchestration (LSO).

The demo “Making end-to-end service lifecycle management real with MEF’s LSO Presto API” highlights how dynamic automated network services are fundamental to MEF 3.0’s transformation vision. Using the ADVA Pro-Vision® solution, it proves how open and standardized APIs can realize the promise of zero integration for various multi-vendor components, significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

Delegates at MPLS + SDN + NFV WORLD in Paris can view the PoC by visiting ADVA at booth 401 from Tuesday, April 10 to Friday, April 13.

“At ADVA, we share MEF’s commitment to dynamic service activation across multiple technology providers and domains. That’s why we’ve been so quick to embrace the MEF 3.0 transformational framework and team up with Amartus for this important PoC. What we’re demonstrating this week is how it’s already possible to break free from the constraints of static connectivity and radically accelerate service activation using readily available technology, such as our FSP network management solution suite,”

said Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA.

“With this joint demo, we’re proving that MEF-standardized interfaces enable service providers to simplify network integration, streamline operations and meet increasingly demanding service activation requirements in cloud-centric networks. By using SDN technology based on open standards, we’re showing how provisioning that previously took 60 days can now be achieved in just 60 seconds.”

The joint PoC involves edge compute nodes controlled by ADVA’s Pro-Vision domain management solution and features a Presto NRP northbound API jointly developed by Amartus and ADVA interfacing with a service orchestration platform.

It represents a major step towards making agile, assured and orchestrated connectivity services available across multiple vendor and technology domains.

By supporting the new MEF 3.0 standards, the demo highlights the importance of minimizing proprietary, vertically integrated solutions, while showing the benefits of embracing open API initiatives that enable an end-to-end, service lifecycle-focused approach. It shows how programmable interfaces can enable automated management, empowering service providers to rapidly deliver new applications, improve the quality of end-customer experience and leverage a crucial competitive advantage in the carrier market.”

“We’re both proud and excited to join forces with ADVA for this pivotal PoC. Together, we’re showing the industry the way forward for agile, automated cloud-based services. It’s all about removing time-consuming manual integration efforts and boosting the speed of innovation through open, standards-based API,”

commented Liam Twomey, VP, sales and marketing, Amartus.

“Demonstrating the maturity of this technology opens the door to a world of new possibilities for service providers. At the heart of this PoC is MEF 3.0’s holistic approach to lifecycle orchestration. Rather than the short-sighted, bottom-up strategies that lead other systems into dead ends, this approach optimizes the use of network resources, enables more efficient integration of multiple technologies and provides a shorter route to new revenue.”

Further information about the PoC can be found in these slides:

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