Amartus 2023 Highlights

And that’s a wrap! What an extraordinary year it’s been for network & cloud automation. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed a substantial increase in investment in automation, a crucial aspect of Digital Transformation. Providers are expanding their networks availability through various channels, transitioning from conventional networking to embracing Network as a Service (NaaS), leveraging cloud & satellite connectivity, and engaging in partnerships to resell network services.

Amartus supported various initiatives responding to the growing demand for inter-party automation, witnessing remarkable momentum and investment in the market including:

  1. A 100%+ increase in nBrace™ production deployments and use of the MEF OIT Service for testing with Tier-1 to Tier-3 Providers
  2. Expanded use of nBrace™ to serve new markets, including NaaS, SATCOM & Edge Compute
  3. First production deployment of MEF LSO Performance Management APIs using nBrace™

We led three industry showcases, demonstrating expertise, innovation, and market leadership at major MEF and TMF events. We entered a strategic partnership with ServiceNow to offer MEF LSO APIs using nBrace™. Finally, we received the prestigious MEF Award for MEF LSO Solution Provider of the Year.

As experts in both MEF and TM Forum, throughout the year, we continued to take a leadership role in defining (edited more than 20 this year) and implementing the standards, benefiting our customers.

In 2023 we also saw a significant increase in our intra-provider automation business, as Providers seek to accelerate their Digital Transformation. Top projects we supported & led include:

  1. Transformation of Business & Operations systems architecture & design for a number of Tier-1/2 Global Telecom and European LEO/MEO SATCOM Providers
  2. Network & Cloud Automation design & implementation. Examples are:
    • A number of network automation initiatives using the Itential platform for Tier-1 Service Providers and Vendors
    • Implementation of Cloudify’s Edge Computing Management platform, which we have worked on for many years and which was recently acquired by Dell
    • A successful deployment of ONAP for a Tier-1 Service Provider
  3. Interoperability & Systems Integration. We worked on a number of projects requiring interoperability and use of different standards and APIs which leveraged Amartus SyncBridge mediation microservice-based solutions for mapping between APIs / systems in real-time.

Amartus was also Platinum sponsor of the MEF Global NaaS Event (GNE) ( and had a substantial presence at various industry events, including ITW, DTW, Capacity, and NetworkX.

Finally, we’ve recently celebrated a remarkable 20 years of innovation and success. The future is bright for automation and we expect even more momentum in 2024. We wish all our partners,  customers and industry colleagues a well-deserved break and joyful family time. Happy holidays!