Amartus and Inmanta Transform BICS Cloud Connect

Amartus, in collaboration with Inmanta, have transformed cloud connectivity for BICS‘s platform spanning over 200 countries. The project aimed to streamline service provisioning and enhance the overall cloud experience for BICS users.

BICS, an international connectivity enabler for enterprises, grappled with extended service provisioning times for Cloud Connect, primarily attributed to complex and manual processes. The intricate nature of Cloud Connect, spanning various providers, necessitated a solution that would better align with the evolving needs of Enterprise Customers.

Amartus and Inmanta stepped in to assist BICS by implementing an intent-based end-to-end service orchestration strategy. Leveraging Inmanta’s Connect solution, the collaboration resulted in the achievement of rapid, automated, and consistent service provisioning.

The impact of this transformation has been monumental:

  • End-to-end orchestration has slashed service provisioning time to an impressive under 5 minutes.
  • BICS has realized up to 70% in OPEX savings.
  • Network automation is now seamlessly integrated throughout the entire service lifecycle, significantly enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • The adoption of widely accepted DevOps practices, coupled with CI/CD and continuous testing automation, has fortified the solution, making it future-proof and ready to adapt to the continuously evolving landscape of business needs.

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