MEF Members Head to Singapore for the APAC Meeting, MEF3.0 SECaaS Update, and LSO Hackathon

Jan 29, 2018 | News and articles


This week takes Amartus to Singapore, where our CEO, Marcin Paszkiewicz, our VP of Sales and Marketing, Liam Twomey, and our Technical Architect, Bartosz Michalik, will attend the MEF APAC Special Members meeting, taking place January 29-February 2, at the Grand Hyatt.



MEF3.0 SECaaS Update

Amartus will be outlining the progress to date on the MEF3.0 Implementation Security as a Service (SECaaS) project that MEF is facilitating to accelerate the implementation and adoption of MEF 3.0.

This project led by MEF members GBI, Fortinet, and Amartus is developing and documenting the implementation of a use case of a service provider adding a SECaaS service to its project portfolio, focusing on VNF lifecycle orchestration and SECaaS use cases, as an optional service on SD WAN.


MEF LSO Hackathon 

Our Technical Architect, Bartosz Michalik, will also co-lead one of the LSO Hackathon projects, the Enterprise Global Media Edge: End-to-end SLA powered by MEF 3.0 Voice Service. He will be joined by Crispin Dent-Yound of Zeetta Networks, a leader in open networking solutions.

We look forward to a busy week ahead and are excited to be starting off 2018 with MEF and some more great LSO work!