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3 Questions About Telco Journey to Cloud Native (With Answers)

Designing finely tuned cloud-native applications will soon be conditional to landing a deal with any major CSP. But how to transition to cloud literacy from inefficient legacy software running on hardware or virtual servers, when a majority of network software vendors and telcos are not ready for the cloud-first revolution?

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Expand Container Expertise with Kubernetes Administrator Certification

Kubernetes is an open-source container management and orchestration platform that enables automated scaling, management and deployment of container-based applications. Amartus’ customers use Kubernetes to simplify and automate container orchestration, minimize infrastructure expenses, and derive maximum benefit from the use of cloud native technologies within their organizations.

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Do You Know What the Future Holds for MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration?

MEF’s Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) has been designed to give service providers a software-defined mechanism for management and control of network services across multiple network domains. Bartosz Michalik, Amartus’ software architect, MEF’ Distinguished Engineer, and LSO Presto contributor, discusses that in his article in Converge! Network Digest.

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