Amartus and Cisco Co-lead OpenCS Packet WAN Project

Jul 25, 2016 | News and articles

Amartus’ Technical Lead, Bartosz Michalik, Ph. D., has been selected to co-lead OpenCS Packet WAN project together with Cisco Principal Engineer, Donald Hunter

The project is a part of MEF’s OpenCS ecosystem that develops and tests reference designs of MEF-defined L2-L7 services (e.g. E-Line) using combinations of Open and Closed Source software, Open Spec and commercial hardware (e.g. CE 2.0-certified devices), SDN, and NFV.

OpenCS is primarily aimed at Service Providers and Operators who wish to accelerate their adoption of SDN and NFV to deliver MEF-defined connectivity services. The ecosystem has been developed to support agile standards development of MEF specifications, accelerate the alignment of MEF specifications and Open Source code, and speed up implementation of MEF specifications for Third Network services.

The goal of the project

The aim of the OpenCS Packet WAN project co-led by Bartosz is to deliver a reference multi-vendor enabled design which includes the Presto NRP (Network Resource Provisioning) API on top of the OpenDaylight platform, as well as the OpenDaylight plug-ins defined in the ODL UNI Manager project. In this way, the team provides a frequent feedback on the current MEF network resource models to the MEF NRP project team and contributions to the OpenDaylight community.

Bartosz has contributed to the development of the LSO Presto API from the very outset, having participated in both of the MEF LSO Hackathons that have taken place to date.

Read Bartosz’s blog post on first MEF LSO Hackathon in the series here.

The hackathons gathered several teams of highly-skilled network experts who had been working together on developing LSO-SDN-NFV based solutions for Third Network services. The next MEF LSO Hackathon is happening in November 2016 at the MEF16 global networking event that will focus on enabling dynamic Third Network services for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world. Amartus is a Bronze Sponsor of the event.

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