Amartus contributes to Dolly, the latest MEF LSO API SDK release

MEF has just announced availability of the Dolly LSO API Framework release, which introduces several enhancements to the framework, including Internet Access Product Schemas and APIs for Appointment and Work Order in LSO Sonata and Cantata. Amartus made a huge contribution to the release.

The Dolly release, which is the fourth in the series of LSO API Framework releases, provides the following changes:

  • 5 APIs are Published Standards (Address, Site, POQ, Quote, Inventory)
  • Additional secured MEF W128-based version of APIs provided (for evaluation)
  • New MEF W137 – LSO Cantata and LSO Sonata Appointment Management API and Developer Guide
  • MEF W139 – Internet Access Product Schemas and Developer Guide

Amartus was responsible for editing all the Sonata and Cantata APIs and Developer Guide documents as well as the MEF W139 – Internet Access Product Schemas and Developer Guide. Additionally, as LSO Developer Community Manager we managed and coordinated all of the work for the launch of the Dolly release.

Amartus is also an LSO API Solution Provider offering our nBrace™ Industry Standards Inter-provider Service Automation solution which is designed to accelerate providers implementation of MEF LSO Sonata APIs. We are also MEF’s exclusive Authorized Test and Certification partner for the MEF LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test (OIT) Service. This new testing service enables providers to quickly and efficiently test the compatibility of their MEF LSO Sonata API implementations against the standard and to perform interoperability testing with partners, resulting in a faster time to market.

LSO Sonata/Cantata APIs automate business-to-business transactions for Carrier Ethernet (CE) connectivity services between service providers. They cover serviceability, quoting, ordering, trouble ticketing, and more recently billing. Prior to the standard, each provider developed its own solutions, these were often manual or at best involved proprietary APIs. Complex pairwise arrangements were needed with each customer and supplier. The lead time for service requests could take months, timeframes no longer good enough to meet the on-demand expectations of enterprise customers.

You can explore the Dolly and other resources, tools, and programs designed to guide you through the LSO adoption and implementation process at the LSO Marketplace.