Amartus Delivers a Tool Simplifying the LSO Sonata Adoption

Apr 10, 2020 | News and articles

We are happy to announce yet another Amartus contribution to smooth MEF LSO Sonata adoption. Knowing code-base generation from Sonata MEF API definitions and product specification might not always be straight-forward, we created a tool that automates this process.

In October of 2019 our Princpial Architect, Bartosz Michalik, wrote a blogpost on how to get through a process of building a code that is compliant with MEF APIs. It was a step-by-step instruction that required reading code samples and spending considerable amounts of time on developing one’s own code. As an active and recognized MEF member, we decided to go a step further and create a tool that does the job automatically.

SonataBlendingTool is dedicated to developers who struggle with building solutions that are compliant with the latest Sonata releases. By automatically combining MEF API definitions and product specifications, the tool allows engineers to save time and makes starting the adventure of Sonata adoption much easier. 

Download SonataBlendingTool by accessing Amartus GitHub repository.

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