7 Actionable Tips on Kubernetes Admin Exam

Mar 13, 2018 | News and articles


Kubernetes is an open-source, production-grade platform for management and orchestration of containerized applications in clusters. Companies may use it to automate deployment, scaling, and management of distributed application components across on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructures.

Currently, Kubernetes is becoming one of the most popular technologies of its type, thanks to a large and dedicated community. That’s one of the reasons why a few months ago Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which hosts Kubernetes, together with The Linux Foundation, created a suite of certificates validating the knowledge of the platform.

  • What certificates can you obtain to confirm your Kubernetes skills?
  • What resources should you use to pass the Certified Kubernetes Admin exam on the first try?
  • Why should you master Linux CLI before you take the exam?

To learn answers to the above questions (and much more!), visit a blog by Jakub Nowakowski, our Test Automation and DevOps expert, who became a certified Kubernetes Admin a few weeks ago.


Read the blog here: https://medium.com/@jnowakowski/k8s-admin-exam-tips-22961241ba7d