Amartus Leads the Way in B2B2X Automation with nBrace™ at DTW24 Ignite

During the recent TM Forum’s DTW24 Ignite, our SATCOM + 5G Anywhere (Phase II) Catalyst won the Outstanding Catalyst Awards in the “Innovative & Futuristic” and “Tech for Good” categories, demonstrating the power of Amartus’ nBrace Open Standards B2B2X Automation solution. nBrace™ was also instrumental in the Wholesale Fiber Broadband Standardization project’s catalyst.

We collaborated with industry leaders on the SATCOM + 5G Anywhere (Phase II) catalyst to demonstrate a marketplace for sourcing, negotiating, and ordering combined SATCOM and private 5G services within global SATCOM coverage. Our nBrace™ Open Standards B2B2X Automation solution was pivotal as the underlying B2B2X orchestrator, supporting the marketplace where customers can source SATCOM and telco services using TM Forum’s Open API Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) paradigm.

The project garnered significant attention and received two Outstanding Catalyst Awards for its innovation and positive social impact. We extend our thanks to our teammates from Airbus Defence and Space, Alvatross, SES Satellites, Bell, BolgiaTen, Telesat, Eutelsat OneWeb, BT Group, Celfocus, Concertia Technologies, Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, Makman Technology Consulting, Oracle, and LPTIC for their invaluable cooperation.

We were also a key participant in the Wholesale Fiber Broadband Standardization project, which included a catalyst showcase presented at DTW24 Ignite. In this showcase, we once again demonstrated the power of our nBrace™ Open Standards B2B2X Automation to enable interoperability between domestic Wholesale Buyers and Sellers of Consumer broadband services. We connected the ODA-compliant stacks of a Retail Provider and Wholesale Supplier using the newly-defined standards. Our collaborative efforts resulted in definition of standardized APIs, processes and product payloads for fully automated preordering and ordering of B2B Wholesale Consumer broadband services.

Finally, DTW23 Ignite was also an opportunity for us to present the outcomes of our joint standardization during the Masterclass: Innovating Wholesale Broadband Ecosystems for B2B2X Success. A team of experts, featuring Karsten Thon from Deutsche Telekom, Egil Risvoll Sørensen from Lyse, Anastasios Sarantis from CityFibre, Patrik Farkas and Steve Harrop from Vodafone, Olta Vangjeli from TM Forum, and our own Dominik Pacewicz, delved into the details and demonstrated real implementations of the standard, proving its readiness for widespread adoption. The audience’s interest and positive feedback highlight the importance of this initiative.

We’re proud that our nBrace™ B2B2X Automation product, which is already been used by global Tier-1-3 Providers for negotiation of Business Connectivity & Cloud Services using MEF LSO standards, is also the first market-ready solution to support the latest TM Forum’s Wholesale Fiber Broadband standard for B2C Consumers.