Dynamic Bandwidth Scaling Demo, LSO Hackathons and Security-as-a-Service

Nov 13, 2017 | News and articles

DUBLIN, IRELAND – Nov. 13, 2017 – Amartus, a leading supplier of expert software connectivity services, today outlined its activities at MEF17, which include exhibiting, working with EXFO Inc. on a lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) proof of concept (PoC), lending expertise to LSO hackathons and presenting on a technology panel.

The company is exhibiting in booth 501.

It will also conduct personal demonstrations of the “On-Demand Dynamic Bandwidth Scaling via LSO-compliant Platform and Continuous Performance Monitoring with NFV” PoC it developed with EXFO. Amartus’ experts will also participate in group demonstrations of the PoC presented on the Networking Hall Theater stage on Nov. 14 at 6:10 pm and on Nov. 15 at 1:20 pm.


The PoC demonstrates provisioning of an orchestrated MEF CE 2.0 service with assurance capabilities. The solution consists of LSO and open components integrated by Amartus and EXFO’s virtual probing technology automatically deployed and configured as part of the service provisioning. The PoC supports active assurance scenarios such as service level agreement (SLA) compliance testing or dynamic bandwidth shaping, by integrating EXFO’s Performance Assurance test suite within an LSO-compliant engine, providing a fully orchestrated and closed-loop dynamic system.

Security as a Service Panel

Also during the show, Liam Twomey, Amartus vice president of sales and marketing, will participate in a security-as-a-service panel discussion. The panel is part of  MEF  3.0 Implementation project #4 which examines how service providers can leverage network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) for improved security services.

 LSO Hackathon Mentoring

Amartus Software Architect Bartosz Michalik is a LSO development co-leader and will serve as mentor for LSO hackathons during MEF17. Hackathons are group coding and development sessions that focus on adding to the LSO code base to solve real-world service challenges.

During MEF17, Michalik will serve as the mentor for three hackathons focused on improving Yang-to-Swagger generator tools, developing a version of OpenDaylight Unimgr for multivendor infrastructures, and creating device drivers for NETCONF/YANG network functions in OpenDaylight.

“MEF is a great opportunity for Amartus to network with the elite of the industry, but also to display the talents of our MEF-CECP-certified team – and we’re making the most of that opportunity,” said Marcin Paszkiewicz, Amartus CEO. “As a leading connectivity software developer and integrator, we put first the needs of our clients and we enjoy working on their projects. But at MEF17, we get to let our talented team shine and be known for their contribution to the industry.”

Amartus Communications Contact:

David Rodewald

The David James Agency