Open Source, End-to-End MEF LSO SDN NFV PoC | Amartus, Cisco, Cloudify

Dec 8, 2016 | News and articles

Today, Amartus announced it has published a new blog post focusing on an innovative MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) project.

The guest post at Cloudify’s blog outlines the evolution of the project as well as the key roles played by experts from Amartus, Cisco and Gigaspaces. The post is available here.

The post details the collaboration that resulted in a detailed project architecture that was presented at MEF16 conference, which took place in Baltimore, Nov 7-10, 2016. The proof of concept (PoC) delivered by the three companies showcased the MEF LSO Presto API, and demonstrated how it could be used to provision, modify and tear down a standard E-Line EVPL service in a hybrid, multi-vendor environment. The project also included key pieces of open software such as OpenStack, OpenDaylight SDN controller (UNI Manager project customization), the Cloudify orchestrator, Open vSwitch, and Mininet.

MEF16-LSO-PoC-Amartus-Cisco-Cloudify The project was led by Bartosz Michalik from Amartus, Donald Hunter from Cisco and Shay Naeh from Gigaspaces. The final PoC was inspired by the OpenDaylight User Network Interface (UNI) Manager project that Bartosz and Donald are leading, with Shay’s MEF OpenLSO service function chaining project.

The project organizers realized that merging elements of the two projects would result in an end-to-end project with even more value. The post also details the steps that comprise the solution. A video showing the steps of the demo is available at