Amartus Plays Key Role in the First Release of MEF LSO Presto SDK

Oct 10, 2017 | News and articles

MEF today announced the first release of the Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Presto SDK set of tools that will significantly impact how carrier networks can be automated.

Amartus’ key role in the development of the software also was acknowledged by MEF.

Amartus’ Technical Architect Bartosz Michalik has been involved with LSO development since its inception and currently leads the LSO Presto Hackathon project. He also co-leads the OpenCS Packet WAN and Presto SDK projects, which are the coordinating ecosystems for all connectivity service projects that are a part of the MEF’s Third Network vision.

According to MEF, LSO Presto SDK is a significant step toward building programmable networks. The SDK includes a reference implementation of the Presto NRP API in the OpenDaylight SDN Controller that demonstrates how a northbound application can provision an end-to-end network connectivity service between two end points regardless of vendor or network type.

The software release is available immediately for experimental use at the MEF-Git for LSO Presto SDK.

At the same time, MEF announced the availability of the LSO Sonata SDK which will provide increased agility, automation and end-to-end orchestration of inter-carrier services.

MEF has more information on its website about LSO Presto and is also planning a series of webinars and meetings for education of MEF members on the new technology. Amartus will be actively involved in the developer projects and hackathons at upcoming MEF meetings in 2018.

The conference runs from Oct. 11-13 in The Hague Netherlands.

Bartosz speaks on Oct. 13 at 11:55 am CET. More information is at the following website: