Learn About MEF Open Reference Implementations at SDN NFV World Congress

Oct 12, 2017 | News and articles

Hackathons, industry collaborations, and late-night software coding sessions are taking the best ideas of the telecom software industry and turning them into valuable APIs for use in next-generation Carrier Ethernet networks. That’s the process defined by MEF as Open Reference Implementation (ORI) and it’s a tool used to encourage the experimentation and incubation required to generate great software.

OpenLSO and OpenCS are two ORI activities that are starting to bear fruit. Speaking to his peers at the SDN NFV World Congress, Amartus’ Bartosz Michalik will talk about his experience as a leader of an OpenCS project and one of LSO Hackathon projects. A key part of that presentation will be a discussion of the OpenLSO and OpenCS projects currently in progress at MEF that are fulfilling MEF’s Third Network vision.

The conference runs from Oct. 11-13 in The Hague Netherlands.

Bartosz speaks on Oct. 13 at 11:55 am CET. More information is at the following website: https://www.layer123.com/sdn-agenda-day4/#Forum-3