Amartus plays a key role in creating MEF LSO Marketplace and Celine LSO API

MEF has launched LSO Marketplace, a set of resources designed to accelerate the evaluation and implementation of MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) APIs for automating service provider and enterprise business transactions, and announced availability of the Celine LSO API Framework release, which adds a new service provisioning developer guide and features such as incident management and security profiles. Amartus in its role as MEF LSO Developer Community Manager was a key contributor to both projects.

The new LSO Marketplace, which was created with Amartus support, provides easy access to the APIs and related resources to guide service providers and enterprises who are implementing or planning to implement them. From building the business case for implementing open MEF standardized APIs, to their implementation and interoperability testing and certification, the marketplace guides decision makers, IT developers, and partners along their implementation journey.

The LSO Marketplace includes:

  • LSO API Catalog – Includes API definitions, release information, developer guides, and test requirements
  • LSO Payloads – Schemas for MEF standardized products and services that can be managed with the APIs
  • Evaluation resources – Tools to help evaluate MEF APIs and build a business case for implementation
  • Implementation support – Tools, programs, groups, and resources to help accelerate API implementation

The Celine release, which is the third in the series of LSO API Framework releases, provides new trouble ticketing uses cases and adds service provisioning and API security profiles. In addition, Celine introduces definitions of new products for Carrier Ethernet and IP domains. MEF also released new developer guides, including the LSO API Security Profile, LSO Payload Handbook, and an example implementation of dynamic binding.

Amartus was responsible for bringing 5 API and developer guides to the Letter Ballot stage, which were later approved and become MEF published standards.

Additionally, Amartus is an LSO Solution Provider offering our nBrace™ Industry Standards Inter-provider Service Automation solution which is designed to accelerate providers implementation of MEF LSO Sonata APIs. We are also MEF’s exclusive Authorized Test and Certification partner for the MEF LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test (OIT) Service. This new testing service enables providers to quickly and efficiently test the compatibility of their MEF LSO Sonata API implementations against the standard and to perform interoperability testing with partners, resulting in a faster time to market.

You can explore the new LSO Marketplace here and additional LSO resources here.