Recruitment Privacy Policy

Thank you for considering Amartus as your future employer.

We’ll be delighted to welcome you on our team.


Before that can happen, we need your permission to obtain and store your resume and contact details for the purpose and the duration of the recruitment process.

Below is some crucial information about how we will process your personal information that you will provide us with when applying for a position in Amartus.


To apply for a job in our company, you click on the ‘Apply’ button provided beneath a relevant job description, which prompts you to send us an email message. As a result, we obtain your email address along with any personal details that you are willing to provide us in the message.

1. We will process the data you provide us with for recruitment purposes only.

2. Your data will be stored within the European Union only.

3. The information you provide will not be shared with unathorized personnel or third party.

4. We would like to keep this data until our open role is filled. (We cannot specify the exact time period, but we will consider this period over when a candidate accepts our job offer for the position for which we are considering you.) When that period is over, we will delete your data.

5. You may contact us at any time and request to remove all your personal details and resume from our records, even if the recruitment process for the position you applied for is still ongoing. We will act on your request immediately.

If you have other questions and queries related to how Amartus deals with personal information collected on other occassions, please refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at