An Insider’s View of MEF LSO Hackathon (SDXCentral)

Jan 7, 2016 | News and articles

To help expand the number of software-defined solutions on the market, the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has started a series of “hackathons”, inviting industry experts to real-world, group coding sessions. One such session, focused on Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), was held at the GEN15 conference, and one of the invited experts was Amartus’ own Technical Architect Bartosz Michalik.OpenDaylight-Amartus

Now, in a blog post on, Bartosz shares his experiences at the hackathon. He joined more than 45 participants from over 20 companies who were working on LSO related project during a two-day long workshop. Bartosz chose a project that aims to enable OpenDaylight SDN controller to expose MEF SCA/NRP API using REST.


How did it turn out? You can read the complete blog post on the SDxCentral website.


But it won’t ruin the surprise to say that Bartosz felt that the hackathon was very worthwhile. From the post:

For me, the LSO Hackathon was a terrific experience and I think it is worth publicizing, as it re-enforces industry collaboration, promotes the open source approach, and provides a challenging hands-on experience. I met and collaborated with great and dedicated people. Hey, I was able to expand my ODL knowledge while contributing to the open-source community; to me, that is the definition of a perfect day!

If you are interested in joining the hackathon, you can find out more information at the LSO Hackathon Wiki page.