Amartus Wins MEF Award for NaaS Automation

Amartus, in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, Equinix, and Inmanta, won MEF Awards for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Automation at the recent MEF LSO Automation Conference in Munich. This recognition highlights a critical challenge for enterprises: the need for NaaS-like on-demand networks with global coverage that are simple and easy to order and manage.

No single provider can offer the range of services and coverage needed; they must partner with other providers. Furthermore, in today’s environment, stitching together networks from multiple providers is very complex and error-prone.

To address this challenge, Amartus, Deutsche Telekom, and Inmanta worked together within the Flat Hammer MEF Accelerator to demonstrate how to:

  • Extend network coverage globally using MEF standards-based automation and the services of third-party network and cloud providers.
  • Offer a NaaS-like experience through a Self-Service portal and matching APIs to Enterprise customers, where they can query and order end-to-end (E2E) connectivity services that span multiple provider networks.

Our market-leading inter-party automation solution, nBrace™, played a key role in this project by showcasing a NaaS-based end-user experience that’s as easy as booking multi-hop flights on travel websites. The solution guides users through the entire process. They can use natural language to specify their intent, which is interpreted by AI. nBrace™ then employs advanced automation techniques to match that intent to available end-to-end connectivity options and orchestrates all interactions with Partner Providers.

Big kudos to our partners Deutsche Telekom, Equinix, and Inmanta, with whom we collaborated on this project. Well done to all involved!