Business Process Automation for Negotiating On-Demand Inter-Provider ICT Services


Enterprise’s need on-demand ICT services to compete and win in the increasingly agile, global business environment. Enterprise ICT services involve multiple network, cloud & application providers each offering one or more of Connectivity (network, including slicing), Cloud (Public or Private: Compute & Storage) or Value Added Services (VAS: Firewall, NAT etc.)

Cloud & VAS are already available on-demand, leaving the lack of on-demand inter-provider connectivity as a key barrier. Current manual practices for negotiating inter-provider connectivity can only support static services. Providers must automate to offer on-demand inter-provider connectivity. Those who automate can tap lucrative new revenue streams, first for enterprise multi-cloud adoption, later for hyper automation of industries.



Introducing nBrace™ Inter-Party Business Automation for ICT Providers

Automated system for commercial negotiation & settlement (quote to cash) of Inter-Party ICT Services

Supports on-demand (real/near-real time) and/or static (non-real-time) service delivery modes.

Trusted, secure, private solution to support current bi-lateral negotiation process

nBrace™ Key Characteristics

Modular solution: supports integration & evolution for existing B-OSS

MEF LSO Sonata compliant: includes standardized functions, flows and APIs

Future-proof: high performance solution, designed to support speed & volume of on-demand services

Open and programmable: for DevOps-style service environments

Quick-deployment: deployable in standalone mode with integration over time

Flexible deployment: buyer, seller or combination, complete solution or individual modules

Advanced functionality: advanced functions (settlement, billing, ..) to complete full quote-to-cash life-cycle

Trust mechanism: enabled by DLT technology, in-line with GLF CBAN Principle


Single Provider Eco-system View

Application examples