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Cloudify is an open source application and network orchestration framework based on TOSCA.

The solution is used by telecoms, internet service providers, financial services firms and others for NFV operations and cloud management & orchestration to help them get apps and network services to their end users faster than anything else, without getting locked in to any single technology or vendor.

Today’s IT environments are heterogeneous, fragmented and complex to manage and Cloudify helps companies automate the lifecycle processes of applications and network functions and run them at peak performance, no matter how complex their cloud networks are.

Amartus’ engineers support the Cloudify team in the design and development of the platform.




Itential is committed to building world-class products that accelerate the move toward software-driven networks and next generation, agile network operations.

The company is exclusively focused on delivering network automation solutions that help customers realize their vision of digital transformation. Itential’s solutions leverage the latest thinking, open standards, open architectures, partners and best practices to drive network operations and maximize the impact of automation.


Amartus’ engineers support the Itential team in the core platform development and with professional services to their customers.



TI Sparkle

Sparkle is TIM Group’s fully owned Global Operator and among the top #10 international service providers worldwide, with a proprietary backbone of around 530,000 km of fiber spanning from Europe to Africa, the Americas and Asia. Leveraging its global IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile Data and Voice Platforms, Sparkle offers a full range of ICT solutions to Internet Service Providers, OTTs, Media and Content Players, Application Service Providers, Fixed and Mobile operators, and Multinational Enterprises. Its sales force is active worldwide and distributed over 36 countries.

Amartus has supported Sparkle with software development and networking expertise in two MEF LSO PoCs: one delivering multi-vendor SD-WAN capabilities over containerized uCPEs, and another, an award-winning multi-carrier PoC demonstrating assured and orchestrated MEF services across multiple domains.



MBUZZ Europe

MBUZZ Europe is on a mission to provide innovative Open Networking solutions to their clients:
Tier 1 Operators, Hyper-Converged Data Centers, CSPs, Research & Education, and Enterprises.
A specialist Open Networking Value Added Reseller, MBUZZ Europe presents their clients with a single point of contact for selection, implementation and support. Already offering best-in-class, innovative and market leading technologies from selected vendors, MBUZZ Europe continues to extend their partnerships. MBUZZ Europe is based in Dublin, Ireland, and is present in France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Amartus will support MBUZZ Europe customers in software development and systems integration expertise.


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ADVA Optical Networking is a company founded on innovation and driven to help our customers succeed. For over two decades, our technology has empowered networks across the globe. We’re continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It’s these open connectivity solutions that enable our customers to deliver the cloud and mobile services that are vital to today’s society and for imagining new tomorrows. Together, we’re building a truly connected and sustainable future.

Amartus and ADVA together developed an automated service lifecycle management PoC utilizing ADVA’s Pro-Vision® domain management solution a Presto NRP northbound API jointly developed by the two companies.



EXFO (NASDAQ: EXFO) (TSX: EXF) develops smarter test, monitoring and analytics solutions for fixed and mobile network operators, webscale companies and equipment manufacturers in the global communications industry.

EXFO customers count on the company to deliver superior network performance, service reliability and subscriber insights.  EXFO have spent over 30 years earning this trust, and today 1,900 EXFO employees in over 25 countries work side by side with customers in the lab, field, data center and beyond.

Amartus teamed with EXFO for the 2017 MEF Proof of Concept to provide software development skills and MEF LSO integration expertise & demonstrate on-demand dynamic bandwidth scaling and continuous performance services for a Carrier Ethernet network.



Inmanta is a leading software company that specializes in delivering innovative software products for end-to-end service orchestration. Inmanta Service Orchestrator enables service providers to automate and streamline the delivery and entire lifecycle of end-to-end services. This intent-based orchestrator coordinates the management and orchestration of physical network resources, NFV, cloud services and OSS/BSS components across domains and technologies.

Amartus applies Software Development and Systems Integration expertise to deliver the Inmanta orchestration solution to Service Providers



Intel® Network Builders is an ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs), operating system vendors (OSVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), telecom equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and communications service providers coming together to accelerate the adoption of network functions virtualization (NFV)- and software-defined networking (SDN)-based solutions in telecommunications networks and public, private enterprise, and hybrid clouds.

Amartus was one of the early members of the Intel®’s program, having joined the ecosystem as a Systems Integrator in 2013.

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 An industry association of 210+ member companies, MEF is enabling service providers to create a global ecosystem of networks that deliver on-demand services for the digital economy and hyper-connected world. These agile, assured, and orchestrated services are delivered over automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks powered by Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), SDN, and NFV.

Amartus has been an active member and contributor to MEF since 2010.

We’re currently co-leading OpenCS Packet WAN and LSO Presto SDK projects, and are engaged in several LSO Hackathon projects.


Open Daylight

OpenDaylight (ODL) Project, hosted by the Linux Foundation, is an open source SDN project, created to promote software-defined networking (SDN) through a community-based open SDN controller. The project arose out of the SDN movement, with a clear focus on network programmability.

Amartus’ engineers enjoy the committers’ status in the User Network Interface (UNI) Manager project within OpenDaylight.

Unimgr provides data models and APIs that enable software applications and service orchestrators to configure and provision connectivity services; in particular, Carrier Ethernet services as defined by MEF, in physical and virtual network elements.


TM Forum

TM Forum is the global industry association that drives collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers.

As a neutral, non-profit member organization, TM Forum represents over 850 member companies generating US$2 trillion in revenue and serving five billion customers across 180 countries.

Amartus is one of the long-standing members of the organization.


Don’t Take Our Word For It

“At ADVA, we share MEF’s commitment to dynamic service activation across multiple technology providers and domains. That’s why we’ve been so quick to embrace the MEF 3.0 transformational framework and team up with Amartus for this important PoC. What we’re demonstrating is how it’s already possible to break free from the constraints of static connectivity and radically accelerate service activation using readily available technology such as our FSP network management solution suite.”

-- Ulrich Kohn, Director | Technical Marketing


“We are pleased to be part of the POC with Amartus. This initiative is the first working instance of our joint capabilities which fully orchestrate and automate the test execution process in conformance with the MEF reference architecture and framework.”

-- Claudio Mazzuca, Vice-President Systems and Services


“Our aim is to develop SD-WAN enabled services guaranteeing standardization across multiple vendors thus pushing their growth and the value they can provide to enterprises. Amartus, with its extensive experience in both LSO Presto and in the development of containerized solutions, is the ideal partner to develop a solution that leapfrogs the industry delivering the high levels of interoperability, at a reasonable cost, demanded by global enterprises.”

-- Daniele Mancuso, Director of Innovation & Engineering

TI Sparkle

“Dr. Bartosz Michalik from Amartus is a very understated and modest person. He has been very versatile. Not only is he a MEF-CECP certified professional. He’s also a computer scientist. He has been very strong in all areas of LSO. Bartosz has been very actively leading in every LSO Hackathon from the beginning, and then blogging about them. He co-leads the OpenCS Packet WAN project, actively contributed to LSO Presto SDK development. He is educating the next generation on LSO and MEF standards in general. Bartosz is also very involved in the key OpenDaylight Unimanager project which introduced LSO Presto to OpenDaylight. He also co-authored the IEEE paper on LSO together with Jack Pugaczewski, Tara Cummings and Donald Hunter.”

-- Nan Chen, President