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We are looking forward to exhibiting at ITW 2023, which will take place from May 14-17 in National Harbor, MD. During the event, we will be showcasing our inter-provider automation solutions for standardizing the buying, selling, and operation of products and services with customers and suppliers.

Amartus nBrace™ Inter-provider Automation solutions are already deployed in leading Tier 1-3 providers across Europe, North America, LATAM, and APAC. nBrace™ offers pre-built, standards-compliant implementations of industry-standard processes and APIs, such as MEF LSO and TMF Open APIs. The solutions work on top of providers’ BSS/OSS applications to deliver a consistent plug n’ play interface for customers and suppliers, and they can be deployed and in production in a matter of weeks. nBrace™ solutions include:

  • nBrace™ Inter-Provider Automation – ready-to-deploy MEF LSO Sonata/Cantata standard compliant software modules for buying, selling, and E2E negotiation of products and services designed to augment and extend providers’ BSS/OSS.


  • MEF LSO API Onboarding & Interop Testing (OIT) Service – Amartus is MEF’s authorized provider for this solution, which includes LSO-compliant buyer and seller software emulators built on nBrace™. It is offered as a cloud-hosted service for providers and vendors to test compatibility of their LSO Sonata API implementations against the standard.

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In May, we are also participating in ONUG SPRING 2023 and ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2023.

Amartus will be attending ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2023 on May 14-18 in Las Vegas. Meet with our team to learn about our partnership with ServiceNow, where we offer Service Providers and Enterprises a solution for the rapid implementation of industry-standard inter-party processes and APIs (MEF LSO standards). Our nBrace™ Inter-provider Automation solution is pre-integrated with ServiceNow’s best-in-breed business and operational solutions.
We are looking forward to participating in ONUG 2023 on May 17-18 in Dallas. During the event, we will be sharing our insights on how enterprise networks have evolved into truly multi-provider environments. We will discuss the importance of adopting standard processes for negotiating and operating services with providers, which have become a ‘must-have’ in order to deliver the real-time visibility and flexibility that enterprises expect from their networks.

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We are currently working on the event calendar for the rest of 2023.

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