Leading providers reinforce the urgency of adoption of standardized APIs to create global interconnected networks and clouds

We recently participated in two major telecom wholesale conferences: Capacity Europe in London and MEF LSO Partners Conference in Miami where the pressing need for automation and standardization was center stage. Even though these conferences are different in nature, one centered on inter-national wholesale business and the other on inter-provider automation standards, these topics were prominent on panel discussions and during meetings with our Customers and Partners at both events.

Enterprises increasing need to connect their global workforce to the applications and resources essential for them to carry out their business means service providers must be able to offer services on a global basis. No individual service provider has the range and reach of network, cloud & application services that are needed, they must partner with other providers. This requires seamless interoperability between providers, something that can only be achieved through digital APIs. During the Panel Discussion: Architecting the network of the future at the Capacity Europe event, we heard from the leaders of Colt, DT, Orange, Sparkle and GLF about the importance of standardized APIs and the urgency for all providers to speed up their adoption during the next few months. The whole discussion has been shared on YouTube:

The very next week at the MEF LSO Partners Conference in Miami we heard about the rapid increase in adoption of the MEF LSO standard processes and APIs that is currently taking place. The whole market is taking off, more providers are jumping on board.

While the initial driver for inter-provider APIs was for whole-sale trading of connectivity services this is quickly expanding to include a broader range of providers who offer a more diverse range of cloud, security and inter-connect services. This expansion is driven by enterprise increasing demand for bandwidth, low-latency, high QoS and security to support continued migration to Cloud, Working From Home, Metaverse and Web 3.0. In response service providers are transforming to offer end-to-end services that combine best-in-breed Cloud, SASE/SD-WAN & Multi-Cloud Networking with wireline, wireless/5G, and satellite access.

Providers must help their enterprise customers navigate through all these technologies and services and select the most appropriate ones, they need to be able to respond swiftly to new opportunities and reinvent the traditional wholesale model so it becomes a more collaborative ecosystem operating in real-time. Again, with the growing number of interactions and players, it can only be achieved with adoption of standardized digital processes and APIs.

Indeed, we’re really observing a paradigm shift that’s happening here and now…

Amartus is working with a global customer base of Tier 1-3 service providers, helping them to fast-track their implementation of MEF LSO / TM Forum standardized processes and APIs. We are long-time, active contributors to the development of the standards and offer our nBrace™ Inter-provider Automation solutions for their speedy implementation and testing. We couldn’t be more excited about the attention and momentum we are seeing.

If you are a service provider and don’t want to be left behind we encourage you to reach out to learn how we can help you get on board quickly!