First Details of LSO Sonata-based Interprovider Solution Revealed

Jul 20, 2018 | News and articles

Amartus Provide First Details of New Inter-Provider Connectivity Solution at MEF Annual Meeting

Amartus said today Simon Altman, Vice President of Business Development, and Bartosz Michalik, Technical Architect, will provide first details of its new LSO Sonata-based inter-provider connectivity solution and will also share expertise on technical and market developments at the MEF Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN. The meeting takes place from July 23-25.

LSO Sonata APIs and SDK Were First Released at the SDN NFV World Congress in Oct. 2017

More functionality is planned in order to create a complete suite of standardized east-west APIs that carriers can use for lifecycle management of inter-provider service automation. Some of the services provided in the first release of LSO Sonata include address validation, serviceability, and ordering.

Sonata Commercial Offering and Design Enhancements

Simon will focus his remarks on the early commercialization efforts around LSO Sonata including the solution Amartus is developing, results of several market surveys about the importance of inter-carrier connectivity and the future of intercarrier service automation.

In his talk, Bartosz will discuss the forthcoming design enhancements to the SDK. He will also discuss technical, organizational and implementation challenges moving forward. Bartosz is very active in the development of LSO Sonata and LSO Presto and was named a 2018 Outstanding Contributor by MEF for his work on LSO Presto.

LSO Sonata Early Adopters Workshop

Both talks are part of the LSO Reference Architecture & LSO Sonata Early Adopters Workshop that takes place on July 24.

Simon will speak at 10:45 a.m. and Bartosz will speak at 11:30 am. For more information, visit the MEF Annual Meeting webpage.