Meet Amartus at Capacity Europe in London

MEF standardized APIs and processes for buying and selling services are taking the telecom industry by stormAmartus is at the epicentre of the current industry transformation supporting leading Tier 1-3 providers to standardize and automate negotiation of products and services with their customers and suppliers. We will be sharing our experience from this work at Capacity Europe, which takes place in London on Oct. 17-20.

We invite you to meet our team to learn first-hand how we are working with leading providers to accelerate and succeed with their MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) API implementations. We will be showcasing our nBrace™ Inter-provider Automation solutions, which are designed to accelerate the implementation and testing of MEF LSO Sonata / Cantata industry-standard APIs & processes in your BSS.

These include:

  • nBrace™ Inter-Provider Automation — ready-to-deploy MEF LSO Sonata / Cantata standard compliant software for buying, selling & E2E negotiation of products and services that’s designed to extend providers’ BSSs;
  • MEF LSO API Onboarding & Interop Testing (OIT) Service — Amartus is MEF’s authorized provider for this solution, which includes LSO complaint buyer & seller software emulators built on nBrace™. It is offered as a cloud-hosted service for providers and vendors to test compatibility of their LSO Sonata API implementations against the standard.

You can pre-book a meeting with our team here.

Capacity Europe is the continent’s largest telecoms networking conference. The event unites network operators, data centres, cloud providers, internet exchanges, content providers, satellite communities and more to network, trade and learn. The conference agenda covers everything from hyperscalers, 5G and digitisation, to the convergence of infrastructure communities and private capital investment in fibre. More information about the event is here.