MEF Approves New LSO Sonata API Standards Created with Amartus’ Contribution

MEF approved new API standards for LSO Sonata and LSO Cantata, including MEF 79.0.2 Address Validation and MEF 80 Quote Management, during the recent MEF Annual Members Meeting in July. Both standards have been created with the contribution from Amartus.

The MEF 79.0.2 Address Validation API standard brings clarification to the MEF 79 standard, including additional support for Address Validation for Geographic Point and Geographic Address Identifier, as well as a more complete explanation of the Address Validation and Site Retrieval processes.

The MEF 80 Quote Management API standard identifies the Quote use cases and attributes needed to support inter-carrier Quote management. The standard supports the requirements defined in the MEF LSO Reference Architecture and Framework (MEF 55.1, “LSO RA”) requirements for Quotes over the Sonata and Cantata Interfaces (interactions between a Service Provider and a Partner). It should help Buyer and Seller to develop automated API systems.

MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Sonata and Cantata are the Interface Reference Points between the business applications’ layers of federated service providers who connect to provide access or transit services for a service provider’s end subscriber. The full suite of planned LSO Sonata APIs will address all the phases of the lifecycle, including pre-ordering (e.g. address validation, site queries, product offering qualification and quoting), ordering, product inventory, trouble-ticketing, and billing.

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