MEF LSO Partner Conference & ITW 2022 confirm an increase in Industry Standard Inter-Provider API adoption

The Telecoms International Wholesale Industry is at a tipping point when it comes to adoption of industry-standard APIs and processes for negotiation of products & services between providers. The recent MEF LSO Partners Conference and ITW 2022 events confirmed this fact strongly.   

The recent MEF LSO Partners Conference, held in Paris on May 4, brought together key stakeholders in the inter-provider automation eco-system including network providers, solution vendors and the wider MEF community to discuss and share insights on the recent advancement in adoption of the LSO inter-provider API standards.

This was the first face-to-face meeting since the pandemic began, and it was evident that significant advancements were made in the interim. Providers are no longer questioning whether they should implement standard APIs and processes, they want to know how they can implement them and who’s ready to partner with them.

These expectations are met by the recent actions from MEF, which has been busy building an eco-system of providers and solution vendors and putting in place supports, and tools providers need to accelerate adoption and facilitate partnering.

Just one week later at ITW in Washington June 9 – 12, key executives from AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and PCCW Global (Console Connect) took to the stage at the Digital Transformation track to discuss “How innovation and automation are enhancing customer experience”.

The importance of Industry Standard inter-provider APIs was highlighted throughout the session. John Nolan, VP Global Connections and Alliance Management from AT&T, spoke about the standard APIs and processes MEF has developed that enable providers to work together to deliver a seamless, global, cloud-like experience for ordering and operating network services across multiple provider networks.

Once again, the level of awareness of the MEF LSO inter-provider APIs among providers we met was very high, they were keen to know how we could support them with their implementation and who they could partner with.

The resounding message on both side of the Atlantic is that international wholesale providers are well on their way to achieving global, industry standard API driven interoperability for seamless negotiation of network services.

Amartus is actively working with Tier 1 – 3 providers in Europe, North America, Latin America, and APAC supporting them with their LSO API implementations. This includes those who are upgrading to a new LSO API SDK release, those who have or are about to go into production and those who are at the earlier planning and evaluation stages. The Amartus nBrace™ Inter-provider automation solution is designed to fast-track provider’s implementation and testing of LSO APIs and processes.