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Description of Service

for MEF LSO API OIT Service

All rights reserved by Amartus Ltd. | 1st October 2021.


Document Purpose

The MEF LSO API OIT Service includes the following:

  1. Access to an on-line customer portal for registration, ordering, activation, and management of service subscriptions.
  2. Access to a dedicated public cloud-hosted server (per subscriber) with MEF LSO Sonata Buyer and Seller emulators instances installed and configured for use by a subscriber – a valid subscription is required to access this.
  3. Access to an on-line support portal for accessing support information, logging, and managing support requests –  a valid subscription is required to access this.
OIT Service Offerings & Subscription Fees


Members can register for the OIT Service and order the specific offerings described in the table below via a web portal ( The description of each offering determines a Subscriber’s permitted use of the service for the associated subscription fees and duration.

OfferingsDescriptionFees & Options
Access to Default Emulators – Buyer & Seller PairRight to use default emulator(s) for LSO Sonata implementation testing
Right to use emulators to prepare specific scenarios/configurations so this can be shared with partners for interop testing
$12,000 for 12 months or
$4,000 for 3 months
Use of Emulators for Partner-Specific Emulator Configuration(s)Right to create or test partner-specific emulator configuration to be used for interoperability testing with partners$5,000 for a single partner emulator config access for 12 months
$21,250 for pack of 5 partner emulator configs for 12 months each
$35,000 for pack of 10 partner emulator configs for 12 months each
  • Fees do not include AWS server hosting cost (estimated $1,200 per year), MEF fee of 7.5% and applicable taxes.
  • Each partner config must be registered within 12 months of purchase and can be used for 12 months starting from the time of first registration, provided that the subscriber remains a MEF Member in good standing for that period.
  • Partner config right to use allows for use of all upgrades and updates to the config a partner may provide within the 12-month period.
  • Use of emulators for partner-specific configs requires an active default emulator subscription.
  • The subscription fees quoted include support (see description below)


The following is an overview of the key features supported in the General Availability release available from October 2021. This description will be updated to reflect the new release and feature support per a prioritized roadmap to be agreed between Amartus and MEF.

OIT Service – Summary of Features Available in October 2021

EntityBusiness Functions
Buyer, SellerAddress validation
Site query
Product offering qualification
Product Order
Product Inventory
LSO Sonata SDK Release Support
Billie, R4
Product Payload
CE Access E-Line


Buyer EmulatorSeller Emulator

LSO Sonata SDK Release Support (Billie, R4)
Address validation – fielded address format
Site query – site inventory imported into an emulator
Product offering qualification – mode: synchronous & asynchronous with state change notifications
Quote – mode: synchronous & asynchronous with state change notifications

  Product Order – mode: synchronous & asynchronous with state change notifications

  • Create Product Order (add, modify, delete)
  • Cancel in-flight Product Order
  • Initiate charge (Billie only)
  • Respond to charge (Billie only)
  • Register for notifications
  • Send notifications
  • Get Product Orders’ list (R4 only)
  • Get Product Order by ID (R4 only)
Product inventory

Product Payload Support
Run-time onboarding & config of Product Packages (Product Schema + Validation logic) to be exposed as products over LSO Sonata APIs
MEF CE Access E-Line product reference example

Product Payload Builder
External Address Service Integration Support
Guided UI wizards for the step-by-step building of product payloads for use in LSO Sonata test requests for both positive and negative testsPlug-and-play support for external address validation/normalization services, including mocks

Request Template Builder
Test Data Management
Guided UI wizards for wrapping user-defined product payloads into LSO Sonata Request Envelope (POQ, Quote, Order) and generation of JSON document, which can be incorporated into Postman test scriptsAbility to import and manage an inventory of test data including addresses, sites and ENNIs

Test Data Management
Action Rules & Workflow Customization
Ability to manage inventory & relationships for Product, Site, Address, PQO, Quote and OrderEasy means to introduce Provider specific behaviors (emulation scripts) for processing and responding to incoming API requests

MEF W92.1 Test Case Support
Set of matching, pre-defined emulator scripts for processing and responding to the default suite of test request supported in the Buyer emulator
Ability to generate test case requests using Product Payload/Request builders
Example suite of tests – subset of MEF W92.1 test requirements test casesAPI Security

PostmanTM Test Tool Execution Environment
Support for OAuth 2.0, Basic HTTP
For executing test requests and managing results

Support for the service is included in the subscription fees. Subscribers will have access to Amartus OIT online support via email or a web portal (based on JIRA Service Manager & Confluence). Both e-mail and the portal can be used to log issues, and the portal is used to track status. In addition, a subscriber can look for related issues and fixes and access support documentation, videos, etc. for configuring and using the OIT Service. Maintenance windows for updates/upgrade of the service will be coordinated with the subscriber to take place at an appropriate time.

Support HoursSupport Functions

8 x 5

09:00 – 17:00

Local Time, Poland (CET/CEST)

Mon-Fri excl. standard holidays

  • Primary support via portal (
    • Portal includes access to support materials (FAQs, tutorial guides, videos)
    • Also provides access to latest information about issues, solutions, workarounds, etc. which Subscriber can use for initial troubleshooting
  • Also email and telephone for escalation
  • Guaranteed response times within business hours (Poland local time – CET/CEST)
    • Response times based on severity and business impact
  • Escalation path with contacts provided
24 x 7
  • Support via automated portal only outside core business hours
    • Portal includes access to support materials (FAQs, tutorial guides, videos
    • Also provides access to latest information about issues, solutions, workarounds, etc. which Subscriber can use for initial troubleshooting
  • Guaranteed follow-up next business day, as per 8 x 5

Full details are available at