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Support Agreement

for MEF LSO API OIT Service

All rights reserved by Amartus Ltd. | 1st October 2021.





This Appendix sets forth Licensor’s support responsibilities for the Software.  Capitalized terms shall have the meanings set forth in Appendix B.

A. Definitions

Definitions are provided in Appendix B



A. Support Responsibilities

  1. Subscriber should initially determine that the problem is within the MEF OIT Service and not related to any other problems in the local environment or network.
  2. If it is confirmed that the problem is reproducible and in MEF OIT Service then the Subscriber should consult the MEF OIT online support and training resources to look for a solution (
  3. If the Subscriber still cannot find a solution, then Licensor will provide Support to Subscriber on-line via the Support Portal, telephone and/or E-mail Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (local time, Poland – CET/CEST) and excluding Licensor’s observed holidays.

B. Problem Severities

Problem severities are defined below and will be used by the Subscriber and Licensor to mutually agree severities to problems as they arise in a reasonable timeframe.

Severity 1:  The Service is unavailable.  Licensor will commit full-time resources during Licensor’s Business Hours and target a resolution or workaround within 1 business day. If longer, Licensor’s Technical Group Leader will advise an action plan in writing.

Severity 2:  The Service is severely degraded (critical features/performance wholly or largely broken). Licensor will commit full-time resources during Licensor’s Business Hours and target a resolution or workaround within two (2) business days of problem reported to Licensor. If longer, Licensor’s Technical Group Leader will advise an action plan in writing.

Severity 3:  The Service is somewhat degraded (minor features unavailable, or major features/performance intermittently broken, but the Customer is able to continue using the Service). Licensor will commit resources during Licensor’s Business Hours and target a resolution or workaround within two (2) weeks of problem report to Licensor.

Severity 4:  Subscriber requires information or assistance on Software capabilities or usage.  Licensor will provide resources during Licensor’s Business Hours to provide information or assistance as requested and provide a resolution or workaround within one (1) month of problem report to Licensor.

In the event that the Licensor is unable to meet the time frames set forth for Severity 3 or Severity 4 problems, Licensor shall provide to Subscriber, at a minimum, a written plan for addressing the problem within those applicable time frames.



A. Call Flow. In general, the support call flow shall be as follows:

  1. The End User works with support/helpdesk resources within Subscriber’s organization to ensure that the problem is not related to any local issues or conditions.
  2. After it has been qualified that the problem lies in MEF OIT Service, the Subscriber should consult the Licensor’s Support Portal for FAQs, tutorials, videos or other materials that may provide relevant answers.
  3. If a Software problem still cannot be resolved, the Subscriber can raise an issue in the Licensor’s Support Portal and Licensor’s Development Engineering Support Group or its equivalent (“Licensor DE”) will provide Support.  Subject to Subscriber approval (i.e. where the end customer is willing to provide access to the running system) Licensor will make a reasonable effort to investigate in the actual environment to troubleshoot and replicate Subscriber issue.
  4. Updates on progress will be provided via the issue raised in the Support Portal, and the Subscriber will close the case when the problem is resolved. The Subscriber contacts may occasionally call the Licensor DE directly on behalf of Support, for assistance in resolving a case concerning the Software.

Licensor and Subscriber shall each provide the other with a list of at least two (2) named contacts, and all reports/escalations must be directly between these named contacts. Subscriber will provide Licensor feedback on any Software bugs and potential fixes including but not limited to:

  • a list of actions taken to qualify that the problem lies in MEF OIT Service;
  • the results of those actions;
  • exact steps required to reproduce the problem.

B. Escalation Guidelines. 

  1. This Section and the escalation table in Appendix A address (a) the escalation guidelines by which Licensor shall resolve Software support problems (including problems related to security vulnerability); and (b) the manner in which Licensor shall involve its management personnel to address such problems.
  2. All problem escalation times are measured in Licensor’s Business Hours. The Licensor manager to whom the problem is escalated will take ownership of the problem and ensure that updates are provided to the Subscriber contacts.  Subscriber initiated escalations will begin at the Technical Support Group Leader and proceed upward.



A. Ongoing Obligations.

Licensor will provide Subscriber with access to release notes or other documentation addressing the relevant Software information, symptoms, solutions or workarounds for Software problems through the Support Portal.  Licensor will provide an electronic means (e.g., a support portal) through which Subscriber can obtain up‑to date‑ information on Software bugs/defects, fixes, and other release notes.



A. Software Support. 

Licensor will support current and the two most recent major releases of the MEF LSO Sonata for the term of the Agreement.



In the event of any inconsistencies with the terms and conditions in the Agreement, the terms in this agreement shall take precedence.


Appendix A
Escalation Table and Contacts

Pursuant to the Escalation Guidelines reflected in the support Exhibit, the following escalation table and list of contacts shall apply.  Any changes to the contact list set forth below shall be communicated to the appropriate party, as soon as it is reasonably possible, or incorporated into any applicable Standard Operating Procedure Document.

Escalation Table


Elapsed Time


Severity 1 (Consultant Business Hours)Severity 2 (Consultant Business Hours)Severity 3 (Consultant Business Hours)Severity 4 (Consultant Business Hours)
4 HoursTechnical Support Group Leader   
8 HoursTechnical Support Group Senior ManagerTechnical Support Group Leader  
16 Hours Technical Support Group Senior Manager  
24 Hours  Technical Support Group Leader 
48 Hours`  Technical Support Group Senior Manager 
72 Hours   Technical Support Group Leader

Licensor Contacts: (Amartus to provide)


1. Licensor Technical Support Group Leader
Office phone number:
Cell Phone:

2. Technical Support Group Senior Manager
Office phone number:
Cell Phone:

Subscriber Contacts (Subscriber to provide):
1. Title:
Office phone number:
Cell Phone:

2. Title:
Office phone number:
Cell Phone:

Appendix B

“Licensor” means Amartus Limited, a company registered in Ireland with registration number 376377, and registered address at 4/5 Burton Hall Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.

“Licensor Business Hours” means 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, Poland (CET/CEST), Monday through Friday, excluding Licensor’s observed holidays.

“End User” means the Subscriber’s employees or agents who use the MEF OIT Service.