Download MEF’s latest „STATE OF THE INDUSTRY REPORT” on adoption of MEF LSO inter-party APIs and processes and detailing those companies who are enabling Providers to adopt

As the leading MEF LSO Solution vendor, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to sponsor and contribute to MEF’s latest “State of the Industry Report”. This comprehensive report sheds light on why MEF’s standards are crucial for API-driven inter-provider service negotiation. It also provides insight into the current state of their adoption and supports available to Providers to speed up adoption of MEF LSO business and operational APIs.


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What are other reasons to read the report?

Read the report to explore:

  • the current state of service delivery
  • the market impact of NaaS
  • LSO business API adoption trends
  • and the compelling business case for plug-and-play APIs

MEF standard processes and APIs were specifically designed to address the need to adopt common standards for plug-and-play interoperability between their respective BSS/OSS systems and are now a must-have for providers.

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Michael Kearns

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Amartus

Find out how you can deploy MEF LSO inter-provider APIs in a matter of weeks

The report clearly shows Amartus nBrace™ has the broadest coverage for MEF LSO APIs and SDK releases by far. We also have the most Tier 1-3 production deployments. We invested many years in development of the standard and consolidated our expertise into nBrace™. With nBrace™ you can be in production with your own implementation in a matter of weeks.

Check out Amartus’ profile in the report to explore our nBrace™ and MEF OIT service offerings.

Whether you’re a Seller or a Buyer, or want to test your own implementation, we have a tailored solution for you!