Michał Łączyński appointed as new MEF LSO Committee Co-Chair

Michał Łączyński, Solution Architect at Amartus, has been appointed as Co-Chair of the MEF LSO Committee in addition to his role as LSO Developer Community Manager. He takes over from Michael Kearns, Amartus Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, who had held this position for the last two years.

Michał Łączyński

As Solution Architect at Amartus, Michał has been collaborating closely with MEF for many years and has been involved in the telecommunications industry for 15 years. Michał will be now co-responsible for defining, streamlining, and standardizing processes for buying, selling, delivering, and operating network and cloud services at MEF.

Michał replaces Michael who as Co-Chair of MEF LSO Committee worked with fellow Co-Chairs and Committee Members to advance the MEF LSO Sonata/Cantata API standards to a mature level. Michael is now going to focus on driving adoption of MEF LSO..

The MEF Committees are working groups of members focused on a particular area of MEF expertise. Currently, there are 4 Committees within the MEF structure:

  • Digital Services Committee – leading the MEF services standards work, including underlay connectivity services and overlay services.
  • LSO Committee – leading the MEF LSO API standards work, including East-West and North-South APIs and modeling.
  • Test & Certification Committee – leading the MEF certification standards work, including both company-based certifications for services and technology as well as the professional certifications program
  • Commercial and Business Committee – leading the work of MEF to enable new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and better customer experience through automation and streamlining of inter-provider activities.

Each of those Committees is overseen by a ground of chairs appointed by MEF Board of Directors for a one-year term.

“The adoption of MEF LSO APIs is getting a huge momentum lately. We have delivered most of the Business APIs (Sonata, Cantata) and the support for the Carrier Ethernet and Internet Access services. However, there is still much to do either in progress or just around the corner: the Product Catalog and Invoicing APIs, operational APIs (FM, PM), continue to expand the list of product and service specifications (optical transport, network slicing, edge computing, SD-WAN, SASE, zero trust) or improve the LSO Marketplace. I look forward to working with fellow co-chairs and wider MEF community to help make all this happen,” commented Michał Łączyński.