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Rapid self assessment inter-provider service automation customer & supplier on-boarding & interop testing

nBrace Buyer & Seller emulators for rapid onboarding and inter-op testing

Configurable, portable, ‘gold standard’, Digital Sibling emulators

  • For use as a Buyer & Seller emulator pair to familiarize with API driven negotiation of services.
  • For upfront independent testing of API implementations to achieve a high level of quality, compliance, and compatibility with customers and suppliers before engaging in inter-op testing.
  • For testing after upgrades and updates of API implementations, and to reestablish interoperability with customers and suppliers.
  • For use as pre-configured provider-specific emulators (configured with specific products, API releases, handling options, default data sets etc.) to offer customers and suppliers for use in independent testing before onboarding.

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Your benefits

Rapid partner onboarding
Easy configuration
Mutiple partners

Rapidly onboard and test inter-operability

Easily configure to support partner-specific settings

Onboard multiple customers and suppliers at once

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