Industry Standard Inter-Provider Service Automation

Enterprises need on-demand ICT services to compete and win in the increasingly agile, global business environment.

Enterprise ICT services involve multiple providers, each offering one or more of Connectivity (network, including slicing), Cloud (public or private: compute & storage) or Value Added Services (firewall, NAT, etc.)

Cloud & VAS are already available on-demand, leaving the lack of on-demand inter-provider connectivity as a key barrier. Current manual practices for negotiating inter-provider connectivity can only support static services. Providers must automate to offer on-demand inter-provider connectivity. Those who automate can tap lucrative new revenue streams, first for enterprise multi-cloud adoption, later for hyper automation of industries.

Introducing nBrace™ Inter-Provider Service Automation for ICT Providers

Automated system for commercial negotiation (quote to order) of Inter-Party ICT Services

Supports on-demand (real/near-real time) and/or static (non-real-time) service delivery modes.

Trusted, secure, private solution to support current bi-lateral negotiation process

nBrace Key Characteristics

Comprehensive inter-provider automation based on industry standards

  • Comprehensive MEF LSO Sonata compliant Buyer & Seller solution  ​
  • Multi-release support to cater for Partners on different releases of MEF LSO Sonata
  • Timely support for latest MEF LSO Sonata releases

Fast & efficient onboarding & inter-operability for 100's of partners

  • Customisable & Extensible for Provider-specific handling & product/service offerings​
  • Comprehensive, Multi-Partner Support for on-boarding and managing Providers entire partner eco-system  ​
  • Advanced Closed Loop Support for near/real-time autonomous transaction flow-through​

Future-proofed for high volume real-time on-demand services

  • Stream-lined Architecture designed to support future volumes & speed of on-demand services

Flexible Deployment Options for Inter-Provider Service Automation

  • Rapid Standalone Deployment: For providers who what to quickly engage with their partners, without any upfront integration
  • Integrated Deployment: For providers with existing B-OSS functionality, who want to add industry-standard inter-provider service automation

Before and After nBrace™

Before implementing nBrace™:

  • manual proprietary methods per provider 
  • step by step process 
  • using spreadsheets, phone calls, e-mails, silos of automation 
  • no standardization 
  • lengthy, error-prone process 

After implementing nBrace™:

  • fully automated 
  • end-to-end standardized process ✔
  • happens in real/near-real time 

What nBrace can do for providers?

As the demand from enterprises for near/real-time global access to ICT services increases, service providers need systems that support the rapid partnering and negotiation with a broad range of partner ICT providers (network, cloud & application). 

nBracehas service & technology agnostic architecture that means it can support a broad range of current and future inter-provider ICT service negotiation application scenarios. 

nBrace for network providers

Opportunity: Support enterprise’s need to connect their global workforce seamlessly to the distributed digital resources they need to carry out their business.

How: Introduce open, flexible, agile, industry standards compliant Inter-Provider Service Automation that’s capable of near/real-time negotiation of connectivity services needed to support enterprise adoption of SD-WAN, Multi-Cloud, and other emerging technologies.


After implementing nBrace™:

nBrace for ICT providers (network, cloud & application)

Opportunity: Support enterprise’s need to seamlessly connect their global workforce to clouds where business-critical applications and workloads run.

How: Introduce open, flexible, agile, industry standards compliant inter-provider service automation that’s capable of near/real-time negotiation of inter-provider ICT (network, cloud, application) services needed to support enterprise adoption of Multi-/Hybrid-Cloud.

After implementing nBrace™: