Vendor-agnostic Network Automation with MEF 3.0 Architecture

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We’re pleased to share that Amartus is working with ADVA on a joint proof of concept (PoC) demo that reveals how service providers can reduce service activation and management times from weeks to minutes and shorten their road to revenue.

Making end-to-end service lifecycle management real with MEF’s LSO Presto API

Service providers are undertaking significant steps to lower network operations costs and drive increased network agility thanks to automation that enables them to launch new services and manage their lifecycle remotely and on demand. MEF 3.0 is transformational in this effort as it delivers these benefits across technology providers and domains. The demo, “Making end-to-end service lifecycle management real with MEF’s LSO Presto API,” highlights how dynamic automated network services are fundamental to the network transformation that is envisioned by MEF 3.0.

ADVA’s Pro-Vision, TOSCA Orchestrator, MEF Presto NRP API, Amartus’ Software Development Skills, MEF Expertise, and Integration Excellence

The joint PoC by ADVA and Amartus involves edge compute nodes controlled by ADVA’s Pro-Vision® domain management solution and features a Presto NRP northbound API jointly developed by Amartus and ADVA, and a TOSCA-based Cloudify orchestrator at the top. PoC-diagram-ADVA-Amartus By supporting the new MEF 3.0 standards, the demo highlights the importance of avoiding proprietary, vertically integrated solutions as well as open API initiatives without an end-to-end, lifecycle-focused approach.

See our PoC with ADVA | Learn More About MEF3.0

Those interested in attending the demo can do so at MPLS + SDN + NFV WORLD in Paris by visiting the ADVA booth 401 from Tuesday, April 10 to Friday, April 13. For more information, you can view the full announcement by ADVA here – To learn more about MEF 3.0, we’d like to invite you to a special MEF seminar, happening on the first day of the show, Tuesday, April 10, starting at 2 pm. During the seminar, Amartus’ software architect Bartosz Michalik will jointly speak with Charles Eckel of Cisco on learnings from several big MEFnet implementations including:

  • Service Fulfillment and Activation
  • Multi-vendor SD-WAN Services
  • Service Telemetry
  • Multi-Operator ONAP
  • Security-as-a-Service

This presentation will be delivered at 4.40 pm on Tuesday April 10 in Tutorial Sessions Room #2.