Pace of Carrier Adoption of LSO Sonata has Increased Significantly; Hits Mainstream Market Adoption

The international wholesale telecom industry has seen a significant increase in adoption of MEF LSO Sonata Inter-provider APIs  among top-tier service providers in their respective markets, according to Amartus, a leading MEF lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) API solution provider and expert in cloud and network automation.

The company predicts that LSO Sonata adoption by the international wholesale telco market has now moved from early adopter to mainstream adopter, driven by carriers’ need to respond quickly to enterprise customer service requests.

Over 35 vendors and service providers are in production with LSO Sonata APIs or plan to be in the coming months, according to MEF Forum. The list includes AT&T, Axtel Networks, Bloomberg, CMC Networks, Colt Technology Services, HGC Global Communications, Lumen, Orange, PCCW Global, Proximus, Sparkle, StarHub, Telia, Telus, TIME dotCom, Verizon Business and Zayo.

LSO Sonata APIs automate business-to-business transactions for Carrier Ethernet (CE) connectivity services between service providers, and will soon support Internet access and SD-WAN services.

LSO Sonata defines standard APIs and processes for negotiation of services between providers. It covers serviceability, quoting, ordering, trouble ticketing, and more recently billing. Prior to the standard, each provider developed its own solutions, these were often manual or at best involved proprietary APIs. Complex pairwise arrangements were needed with each customer and supplier. The lead time for service requests could take months, timeframes no longer good enough to meet the on demand expectations of enterprise customers.

“We are at a watershed moment in terms of adoption of MEF LSO Sonata APIs. We are seeing a significant increase in top international wholesale providers from across the globe who are adopting the standard. We are actively working with Tier 1 – 3 providers in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia supporting them with their implementations. This includes those who are upgrading to a new LSO API SDK release, those who have or are about to go into production and those who are at the earlier planning and evaluation stages. It’s great to see the years of investment in standards development, solutions and tooling is paying off,” said Michael Kearns, Chief Strategy Officer at Amartus and Co-Chair of the MEF LSO Committee.

According to Kearns, “MEF LSO Sonata early adopters mostly adopted the software to implement the APIs by themselves, to do so they had to be deeply involved in standards development. This meant a significant investment in time and cost on their behalf. Today, the MEF LSO APIs are more mature, and there is a comprehensive range of tools, resources and solutions available to support providers with their evaluation and implementation. The availability of this support is very important for mainstream adoption where providers do not have the expertise, large budget or luxury of time to implement LSO Sonata APIs by themselves.”

Amartus Offers LSO Sonata Deployment Services

As an LSO Solution Provider, Amartus can fast-track LSO Sonata / Cantata API implementation and testing for providers using its advanced nBrace™ Inter-provider Automation and MEF LSO API Onboarding and Interop Test (OIT) solutions. The company brings deep expertise and experience gained as a key contributor to development of the standard and through real-world production deployment experience.

There are several reasons why working with Amartus makes sense for providers:

  • Fast time to production enabling providers to secure market share and outpace competitors.
  • No need for provider teams to become deep experts in the standard to begin implementing.
  • Comprehensive modular solutions for buying, selling, end-to-end negotiation and interop testing to meet current and future needs.
  • Tried and tested solution that’s already in production today with providers.  
  • Reduced upfront and ongoing investment, a fraction of the time and cost of in-house development.

If you are interested in Amartus’ Inter-provider Service Automation software nBrace, please visit while more information about its MEF LSO Sonata testing service MEF OIT is available here:

Amartus is a leading provider of expertise and solutions in network and cloud automation and orchestration software. Founded in 2003, the company is recognized as an industry innovator for its active pursuit and contribution to cutting-edge technologies, open architectures, and industry standards developments (MEF, TM Forum and ETSI). We have a proven track record of working with a global customer and partner base of service providers, solution providers, and enterprises to accelerate their digital and network transformation.