MEF & TM Forum Unite in Efforts for Seamless Inter-Provider Service Automation

Exciting news for Service Providers! On October 7th, MEF Forum and TM Forum announced their collaboration on Open APIs for Service Automation. It means that as of now, with the help of Amartus, Orange, Lumen Technologies, Cisco, Netcracker Technology, and Spirent...

Amartus team recognized again! 2020 MEF Top Contributors

We are proud to announce that Amartus' experts Michael Kearns and Bartosz Michalik were recognized as 2020 MEF Forum Top Contributors. Bartosz's professionalism and contribution were first acknowledged by MEF in 2017 when he won the MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified...

Michael Kearns appointed as co-chair of MEF LSO Committee

We are proud to announce that our Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Kearns has been appointed as co-chair of the MEF LSO Committee. Michael joins two other experts, Karthik Sethuraman (NEC/Netcracker) and Laurent Sevette (CenturyLink), and will be working...

Amartus Announces General Availability of nBrace Inter-Provider Service Automation

Solution provides industry standards-based automation for on-demand negotiation of inter-provider network and cloud services based on MEF LSO Sonata.June 15, 2020 | Dublin - Amartus, a leading innovator in network and cloud automation software solutions and expert...

Amartus contributes to the next breakthrough in LSO Sonata’s IIS

We’re not slowing down! Amartus team advanced in another LSO Sonata project as we delivered the next update to the Interface Implementation Specification (IIS) for Product Offering Qualification (POQ) project.MEF, as an organization, aims for delivering and...

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Learn About MEF Open Reference Implementations at SDN NFV World Congress

OpenLSO and OpenCS are two ORI activities that are starting to bear fruit. Speaking to his peers at the SDN NFV World Congress, Amartus’ Bartosz Michalik will talk about his experience as a leader of an OpenCS project and one of LSO Hackathon projects. A key part of that presentation will be a discussion of the OpenLSO and OpenCS projects currently in progress at MEF that are fulfilling MEF’s Third Network vision.

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Do You Know What the Future Holds for MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration?

MEF’s Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) has been designed to give service providers a software-defined mechanism for management and control of network services across multiple network domains. Bartosz Michalik, Amartus’ software architect, MEF’ Distinguished Engineer, and LSO Presto contributor, discusses that in his article in Converge! Network Digest.

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