Analyzing Failure Impact on Brownfield and Greenfield Networks

Amartus customer, a network hardware manufacturer, was looking for failure impact analysis software for brownfield and greenfield networks that would also support optics and packet layers.

The customer offers a modular suite of applications created to analyze and optimize network efficiency. One of the components is responsible for determining how network services are impacted by various failure scenarios, such as fiber breaks, card failures, entire site failures, and more.


What was the challenge?

Amartus team of experts was asked to deliver the component that would analyze failure impact on customer’s networks. Said component was to be an integral module within their own software solution which is a mixture of various different applications. The challenging part was to deliver the module that would be comprehensive with many applications the software consists of.

How did we solve it?

Amartus team focused on delivering a multilayer view of the network topology by analyzing blind-spots of the network and determining critical connections within. With the use of modern programming languages and our expertise, we were able to not only fulfill but also exceed customer demands.


Where’s the network innovation?

  • Java 8,
  • Spring Boot,
  • Spring Data,
  • Rabbit MQ,
  • MongoDB,
  • Docker
  • GraphT,
  • Microservices,
  • REST,
  • TAPI

Do you have a similar project in mind?

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