On-Demand Dynamic Bandwidth Scaling with LSO and NFV

Amartus & EXFO are proposing a joint solution demonstrating how a combination of advanced orchestration and active testing can speed up the delivery of tailored, scalable services to business customers.

What was the challenge?

Business services are becoming extremely dynamic with the introduction of NFV/SDN and SD-WAN. With many moving parts, operators and business service consumers are now equipped with incredible tools to make advantage of the NFV infrastructure. But how to best realize the potential of what’s available?

How did we solve it?

Together with our partner, EXFO, we proposed a solution that demonstrates provisioning of an orchestrated MEF CE 2.0 service with assurance capabilities.

It consists of Lifecycle Service Orchestration components integrated by Amartus and EXFO’s virtual probing technology automatically deployed and configured as part of the service provisioning.

The solution supports active assurance scenarios such as service level agreement (SLA) compliance testing or dynamic bandwidth shaping, by integrating EXFO’s performance assurance test suite within LSO-compliant engine, providing a fully orchestrated and closed-loop dynamic system.

Where’s the network innovation?

The solution proves how leveraging Lifecycle Service Orchestration translates into significant savings in SLA compliance testing, and shows how service automation combined with advanced assurance helps providers achieve their business goals and get high-quality services to market first.

MEF specification collaboration

Amartus engineers were involved in the MEF specification refinement, working together with the service provider’s representatives on MEF interface improvements to come up with update proposals.

Our experts also actively collaborated with the vendors’ engineers to adapt the vendors’ systems and equipment to the service provider’s requirements.

Watch the video here.

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