Inter-Carrier Service Orchestration

Although carriers have gone some way in orchestrating their own services, inter-carrier network connectivity is still created manually

What is the challenge?

Manual service configuration hinders the development of Enterprise networking, where may organisations need a flexible and automated service to meet their changing business needs over multiple carriers.


How do we solve it:

Amartus is working with the industry to help define open standard inter-carrier APIs to provide end-to-end service creation and flexibility in a Software Defined Network (SDN) environment.


Where’s the network innovation?

The result is an open source architecture providing a SLA based end-to-end service with elasticity, automated scaling and tailored bandwidth, spanning over fragmented and hybrid infrastructures in a multi-vendor environment.

Amartus is actively contributing to open standard bodies such as MEF, TMForum and OpenDaylight to help them develop dynamic, automated networks.

Open standards for inter-carrier communication APIs provides end-to-end service creation and agility in a Software Defined Network (SDN) environment, for telco and cloud automation.

One example is MEF LSO Sonata and Interlude proposed in October 2017.

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