Lifecycle Service Orchestration OpenCS Packet WAN

The OpenCS Packet WAN use case focuses on orchestration of MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services using the SDN OpenDaylight controller in combination with CE 2.0 networking devices.

What was the challenge?

The goal of this OpenCS project was to deliver a reference implementation of the MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Presto API on top of the WAN Domain Controller controlling a network segment composed of heterogeneous equipment.

How did we solve it?

This open initiative is developed under the UNI Manager project as an OpenDaylight Controller module. The module handles LSO Presto activation requests (used to manage the network infrastructure) via the RESTCONF protocol.

Where’s the network innovation?

The activation service is responsible for orchestrating the request over multiple activation drivers. The activation drivers are encapsulating the vendor-specific logic and protocols required to realize the requests.

A set of activation drivers realizes the LSO Adagio interface (which is the element management reference point needed to manage the network resources).

Bacground to the story

This case study kicked off at the GEN15 LSO Hackathon is a result of the combined efforts of multiple companies.

Since then, the team has been co-led by one of the Amartus’ experts, who has continued work to facilitate the Third Network Vision, and validate the capabilities requested by service providers in order to orchestrate end-to-end services expressed by MEF specifications.

Do you have a similar project in mind?

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