SDN Integration with Network Management System

SDN implementation in transport networks simplifies operations through workflow automation, optimizes the multi-layer, multi-domain networking, enhances interoperability, and increases utilization of transport resources.

What was the challenge?

Our customer, a global communications equipment and services supplier, retained us to support their efforts of exposing the SDN Transport Application Programming Interface (T‑API) functionality to their multilayer service management & orchestration system using RESTCONF.

How we solved it:

The project was divided into two stages. In the first phase, we developed a generator that would create the required artefacts from the T-API specification. In the second, we provided the mediation / transformation, capable of feeding the T-API data model with the data from the proprietary models of our customer.

    Where’s the network innovation?

    The mediation / transformation layer is responsible for handling T-API-specific functions, which were missing from the customer’s systems. Apart from ensuring compliance with SDN architectures, this T-API implementation helps our customer shorten service delivery times, improve service quality and expand their product portfolio.

    Software-Defined Networking

    This pioneering task required a team with SDN experience, strong networking skills and an innovative mindset, who would understand the current infrastructure and help design a powerful, future-proof solution.

    Do you have a similar project in mind?

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