Virtual Network Functions Management Using ETSI MANO

In this case study, we describe how our customer, a global leader in network hardware & software manufacturing, was looking for virtual network functions (VNF) expertise to help them with product development. Being as experienced in the subject as we are, we were a natural fit for this task. Read the case study to learn more.

What was the challenge?

The customer, a major player in the telecommunication software & hardware manufacturing, developed a solution for lifecycle management of VNFs. The product enables smart service and component management of various VNFs through every stage in their entire lifecycle. From onboarding through monitoring and scaling up to deployment – it all can be managed through just a single tool! It’s worth mentioning that this product has already been successfully deployed in leading global enterprises.

Our job in the process was to help create and develop the VNF Manager using ETSI MANO architecture.


How did we solve it?

Our networking experts had experience in working with ETSI definitions and standards, which was a huge advantage and asset for the whole product team. Basing on our knowledge of MANO, we were able to quickly identify and resolve technical issues. Our team was also responsible for automated testing and API verification.

We used Java 8 (Spring, Hibernate) to develop APIs in compliance with ETSI standards and reference architecture points. At every step of the way we made sure, all standards are in place and APIs are being created accordingly. Why? It was crucial to develop a solution that could be integrated into any ETSI-compliant MANO stack.


Where’s the network innovation?

This ambitious project required a unique skill set and industry experience, as well as extensive knowledge of standards and leading technologies. We helped to develop a solution that enables multiple VNFs management through their whole lifecycle and, at the same time, is easily deployable due to industry standards.

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Here’s a diagram that shows MANO architecture with the piece we covered marked green

What is ETSI MANO?

ETSI stands for European Telecommunication Standards Institute. It’s an independent, non-profit, standardization organization in the information and communications technology industry.

MANO is a three-element model for management and orchestration of VNFs:

  1. NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) manages and coordinates resource and service orchestration
  2. Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM) manages lifecycle, fault management, and scaling of VNFs
  3. Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) manages the lifecycle of NFV infrastructure (NVFI), tracks VMs and associated resources, and handles fault and performance management.

Do you have a similar project in mind?

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