YANG Model-to-model Mediation

A global network equipment vendor asked Amartus to design and develop an application that would allow them to become compliant with YANG/RESTCONF specifications. See how it turned out.

What was the challenge?

Our customer turned to us looking for the ability to expose part of their model via the YANG/RESTCONF interface. Additionally, they wanted to keep the possibility of adjusting the exposed model to their needs while leaving the internals intact.

How did we solve it?
We decided to build a generator capable of auto generating the required artefacts from the customer models.

Where’s the network innovation?

One of the generated artefacts was a RESTCONF interface compliant with the protocol specification. Another was a model-to-model mediation module that allows automated bidirectional model transformations.

The generator developed by Amartus was integrated with the customer’s toolchain. The generated artefacts were able to automatically integrate with the customer’s runtime platform.

In summary

Network Equipment Vendors frequently need to comply with the technological requirements imposed by Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

They are expected to provide hardware together with software that smoothly blend in the existing, increasingly complex provider infrastructure.

Amartus partners with vendors and providers and provides them with expert integration and software development services to help them achieve their respective goals.

Do you have a similar project in mind?

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