Examples of our work

VMs, Edge Services & Complex Network Orchestration


The customer, a major telecommunication company, was looking for network orchestration experts to lead their ambitious and complex project. That’s exactly the kind of task we enjoy the most! Keep on reading to discover how Amartus team managed to not only fulfill but also exceed customer demands.

The challenge: How to execute a complex network orchestration project?

Evaluating ICT Provider’s Architecture: Reference Architecture Blueprint Tool


We were asked to analyze customer’s architecture in order for them to automate the lifecycle of connectivity services. We took a deep-dive into their software stack and delivered a full analysis as well as future-proof recommendations.

The challenge: How to help the customer navigate through their network automation & digital transformation journey?

Automating L2 Network Services for Public Cloud Connectivity (AWS, Azure, GCP)


The customer, one of the leading international telecommunication providers, was in need of support for their efforts in automating their network and public cloud access.

The challenge: How to support the automation of the provider’s network and DC infrastructure?

Towards LSO Orchestrated Multi-vendor SD-WAN


Sparkle, one of the biggest global Service Operators, invited Amartus to a MEF LSO Proof of Concept to deliver a cost-effective, vendor-agnostic SD-WAN solution based on uCPEs and Docker containers.

The challenge: How to liberate modern SD-WAN enabled services from vendor lock-in by delivering a standardized, multiple vendor solution?

Inter-carrier Service Orchestration


Although carriers have gone some way in orchestrating their own services, inter-carrier network connectivity is still created manually

The challenge: To help define open standard inter-carrier APIs and provide carriers with the capabilities to deliver end-to-end, secure, flexible global services in a snap


Automated Service Lifecycle Management in Multi-domain Networks


ADVA and Amartus open the door to streamlined operations and accelerated service activation with a joint solution using MEF 3.0 LSO Presto API, Amartus’ networking expertise, and ADVA Pro-Vision® advanced SDN orchestration.

The challenge: How to quickly provision services across multi-vendor and technology domains? How to seamlessly integrate hybrid networks?

On-Demand Dynamic Bandwidth Scaling with NFV


EXFO and Amartus demonstrate how a combination of advanced orchestration and active testing can speed up delivery of tailored, scaleable services to business customers.

The challenge:  How to realize an orchestrated, standardized Carrier Ethernet service with an additional service assurance functionality using LSO-compliant components and NFV technology.

Lifecycle Service Orchestration OpenCS Packet WAN


The OpenCS Packet WAN use case focuses on orchestration of MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services using the SDN OpenDaylight controller in combination with CE 2.0 networking devices

The challenge:  The goal of this Open project was to deliver a reference implementation of the MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Presto API on top of the WAN Domain Controller controlling a network segment composed of heterogeneous equipment

MEF Multi-vendor Network Integration


A leading Tier 1 Communications Service Provider (CSP) required integration of their orchestrator in a multi-vendor environment

The challenge:  The aim was to enable the end customer to manage a comprehensive catalogue of MEF services on top of the existing complex and interdependent infrastructure


YANG Model-to-Model Mediation


Network Equipment Vendors frequently need to comply with the technological requirements imposed by Communication Service Providers (CSPs). They are expected to provide hardware together with software that smoothly blend in the existing, increasingly complex provider infrastructure

The challenge:  In this project, a global network equipment vendor asked us to design and develop an application that would allow them to become compliant with YANG/RESTCONF specifications. The aim was to provide the ability to expose part of the customer model via RESTCONF interface

SDN T-API Integration with NMS


One of our customers has decided to take a step towards the SDN innovation, and integrate the SDN T-API functionality into their existing, flexible network controlling system to make it compliant with the cutting-edge multi-layer SDN architectures.

The challenge:  Our customer, a global communications equipment and services supplier, retained us to support their efforts of exposing the SDN Transport Application Programming Interface (T‑API) functionality to their multilayer service management & orchestration system using RESTCONF.