Sparkle and Amartus Team Up for Multi-Vendor LSO Orchestrated SD-WAN, with Container-Based uCPE Proof of Concept at MEF18

Oct 23, 2018 | News and articles

Companies demonstrate next-generation SD-WAN service built using LSO Presto deployed on containerized CPE; the new platform leapfrogs the existing single-vendor SD-WAN solutions

Rome / Dublin, 23rd October 2018

Sparkle, the International Services arm of TIM Group and among the top ten global operators, and Amartus, an independent software consultancy firm, announce the details of their joint multi-vendor Software Defined-Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service proof-of-concept (PoC), which will be demonstrated at MEF18 in Los Angeles on Oct. 29th – Nov. 2nd.

The PoC is focused on developing a foundation for the next generation SD-WAN-enabled services that are technology and vendor agnostic and provide customers with a multi-vendor, orchestrated SD-WAN solution, fully compliant with MEF framework and technical specifications.

Cost-Effective Multi-vendor SD-WAN

The goal of the PoC is to introduce the possibility of a cost-effective multi-vendor SD-WAN enabled service through the use of MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Presto and a Docker-based containerized Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that provides a cost-effective and flexible foundation for supporting vendor-agnostic, multi-vendor services.

In the demo, a Presto northbound interface endpoint accesses an inventory/topology engine which exposes SD-WAN resources in a Presto-compliant fashion. Input data and inventory are used to create Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) descriptors for resources and SD-WAN services. Southbound provisioning is handled by a TOSCA-enabled orchestration component. Cloud native (containerized) virtual functions will be provided by customized uCPE appliances.

Sparkle will contribute with its global network and multi-vendor experience while Amartus contributes with its innovation and expertise in the development and integration of network transformation software solutions.

Standardization Across Multiple Vendors to Push Their Growth

“Our aim is to develop SD-WAN enabled services guaranteeing standardization across multiple vendors thus pushing their growth and the value they can provide to enterprises,” said Daniele Mancuso, Director of Innovation & Engineering at Sparkle.

“Amartus, with its extensive experience in both LSO Presto and in the development of containerized solutions, is the ideal partner to develop a solution that leapfrogs the industry delivering the high levels of interoperability, at a reasonable cost, demanded by global enterprises.”

“The work we’ve done with LSO Presto to date has been focused on connecting backbone networks, but this demonstration takes this technology from the HQ to the branch office, significantly benefiting both carriers and enterprises,” said Liam Twomey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Amartus.

“This is an evolving and exciting partnership where we are able to marry our software development and integration expertise with Sparkle’s firsthand knowledge of the market demands. They pushed us to find ways to make the service both open and cost effective, to ultimately improve the interoperability capability significantly over what exists today.”

Demo on Display at MEF18, the Global Networking Event

The demo will be viewable in the PoC Showcase area and at the stands of both Sparkle (517) and Amartus (614).

The joint Sparkle-Amartus PoC is one of the 20 being presented at the MEF18 global networking event to be held in Los Angeles, Oct. 29 – Nov. 2, 2018. The PoCs will highlight how the MEF 3.0 framework is revolutionizing the industry’s ability to orchestrate assured communications services across a global ecosystem of automated networks. For more information about the PoCs at MEF18, visit

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About Amartus
Amartus is a software development and integration company helping Service Providers and Software Vendors maximize their benefit from network automation and software-centric networks. The company offers professional services, designing and building logic for different inter-system API endpoints in various languages, using Swagger and model-to-model mediation. Amartus is active in open standard bodies and projects for telco and cloud orchestration, such as MEF, OpenDaylight, TMForum, ETSI-MANO and ONAP. The company is involved in industry alliance implementation projects such as multi-vendor SD-WAN service implementation or Security as a Service (SECaaS).

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